The Viral RM9,636 Bill For Alaskan King Crab Was Actually Just An Honest Mistake

A lesson on why you shouldn't take everything you see on Facebook at face value.

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A photo of an outrageous restaurant bill went viral over the weekend, where a customer was apparently charged a whopping RM9,636 for a live Alaskan king crab by a restaurant in Penang

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The photo was widely circulated on social media, especially on Facebook community pages and WhatsApp, where foodies and non-foodies alike debated the merit of the seemingly excessive charge.

However, it has emerged that there is more to the story than what was conveyed in that single viral photo. What actually happened was that a cashier had accidentally keyed in RM9,636 instead of RM963 during the dinner hour rush.

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According to The Star, a restaurant representative said that the error was spotted immediately and a new bill was issued after the first bill, which totalled to RM11,578.40, was voided.

In a set of receipts and credit card statements sent to The Star and Sin Chew Daily, it is shown that both the voided and correct bills were issued within minutes of each other

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Unfortunately, the customer had taken a photo of the first bill before receiving the voided one and posted it on Facebook, where it was shared widely without the voided and corrected bills.

In revealing the voided and corrected bills, a representative from the restaurant said, "We hope people will stop spreading misleading information."

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