The One Who Brings Ice And 18 Other People At Potluck Parties

Which one are you?

  • 1. The planning usually starts when someone creates the RSVP list

    • It's usually the host.

  • 2. There will be at least one person who will take forever to RSVP

  • 3. There's the person who will give a loooot of suggestions...

  • 4. ... and then FFK in the end

    • Wahlau...

  • 5. Someone will rajin-rajin volunteer to cook one main dish

    • Ahh, the relief!

  • 6. This person will usually prepare something damn 'chun' that puts everyone else to shame

    • Roast lamb shoulder with rosemary, thyme, cayenne and a lot of other amazing ingredients we've never even heard of.

  • 7. There's always the person who brings drinks because it's the easiest

    • They're usually bad at estimating how many bottles are really needed.

  • 8. One guy will buy too many bags of chips

    • The host will usually have to keep the balance.

  • 9. Someone who can't cook will tapau fried rice on the way

    • It's the safest thing to bring. Sure can finish!

  • 10. A few people will share money to buy fried chicken. Or pizza. Or any kind of fast food.

    • "Eh what are you getting for the potluck? Can I 'tumpang'?"

  • 11. Someone will notice "There is no veg. Who can bring the veg?"

    • The slowest moving dish will always be the salad.

  • 12. "I'll bring potato salad!"

  • 13. Someone will add more carbs to the spread

  • 14. Ahh, then there's the 'special' one. They will bring the ice.

    • This person is SUPER IMPORTANT. It's usually the one who can't cook, can't commit, or can't find time to contribute in any other way, so bringing the ice is the best they can do.

      As soon as the person arrives at the party, somebody will shout out loud, "THE ICE IS HERE!", and people will cheer happily, because literally, you can't have a party without the ice. The ice = life of the party.

      Now excuse us while we proceed to smash the bags of ice on the floor to break the cubes up.

  • 15. The fella who is "OTW from work" will need to buy something last-minute for everyone since he's not there yet

    • "Eh, are you on the way? Could you please buy paper cups and more ice?"

  • 16. The dessert person will usually bring the dessert they personally like, so you can only hope it's not dry sponge cake


    • The person will be more than happy to stand on a chair to take a good top-down shot of the potluck spread. Then another person will take a picture of this person taking pictures of the food.

  • 18. There will be one DBKL/MBPJ/bottomless pit kind of person who will have to finish all the food

    • Nevermind if he has high uric acid. 

  • 19. By the end of the night, if there are still leftovers, someone will say, "Let's give this to the security guards!"

  • What kind of potluck person are you? :D

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