Watch This Hipster Grandma Serenade 'More Than I Can Say' To Her Sleepy Chihuahua

The Thai woman identifies herself as a 'hipster grandmother'.

Cover image via Malinda Herman/Facebook

A video showing a grandmother serenading her dog resting comfortably against her neck has gone viral

70-year-old Malinda Herman covered 'More Than I Can Say' in a Facebook video that has been viewed over 1,500,000 times and has more than 36,000 shares. 

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the woman identifies herself as a 'hipster grandmother' and has been sharing videos of her serenading her dog, 'Jiw Jam' which translates to 'Small and Pretty'.

In the video, Jiw Jam can be seen slowly falling asleep as Malinda sang and strummed her guitar

หมาน้อยจิ๋วแจ่ม เคยตัวมากแล้ว ต้องให้กล่อมตลอด ส่วนแมวน้อยบาร์เบียร์ ก็เคยตัวร้องคอรัสตลอด รู้จักเบาตอนเพลงจบ หญิงชราเริ่ม อ่อนใจ...

Posted by หญิงชรา กะ หมาน้อย on Sunday, July 28, 2019

While Malinda was singing, a cat could be heard meowing in the background, presumably attempting to tune in along with the grandmother. 

The hipster grandmother shared that the chihuahua loves listening to her sing

ร้ายกาจนะ..ตัวเธอ หญิงชรา แพ้ทาง หมาน้อยจนได้สิ...ร้องให้เบื่อกันไปข้างเลยนะ!!

Posted by หญิงชรา กะ หมาน้อย on Thursday, July 25, 2019

In many of Malinda's videos, the chihuahua would look relaxed and would slowly doze off to sleep. You can watch them here.

Malinda loves Jiw Jam more than she can say :')

Image via GIPHY

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