KitKat Japan Is Replacing Plastic Wrappers With Paper Versions You Can Fold Into Origami

Nestlé aims to use 100% reusable and recyclable packaging by 2025.

Cover image via Independent UK

Nestlé Japan has announced it is launching recyclable paper packaging for its KitKat products in an effort to tackle plastic waste

KitKat's new paper packaging (left) compared to its old plastic packaging.

Image via Japan Today

According to a report by The New York Times, Japan is the biggest market for KitKats with around four million KitKat Minis sold daily.

The success of the product has forced Nestlé to reconsider the way it packages its delicious chocolate wafers, which have always come in plastic wrappers.

The updated packaging doesn't just use ordinary paper. It will come inscribed with instructions on how to fold it into an 'orizuru'.

The JCCC Origami Crane Project explains that the orizuru, or paper crane, is a design that is considered to be the most classic of all Japanese origami. It is a representation of the Japanese red-crowned crane that is referred to as the "Honourable Lord Crane" in Japanese culture.

Besides emphasising the message of 'reuse', it will also help promote the ancient Japanese artform.

Image via Design Taxi

By switching to paper packaging, Nestlé expects to save 380 tonnes of plastic every year, reported Independent UK. 

It's all part of the company's initiative to use only 100-percent recyclable and reusable packaging by 2025.

KitKats are already a lot of people's favourite souvenir from Japan. Now, this will further increase their appeal.

Five of the brand's larger-sized products will be rolled out in the new paper packaging first

The products include the KitKat Mini Original, KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa, KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa Matcha, KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa Strong Matcha, and Convenience-store Exclusive KitKat Mini Original.

KitKat Mini Original

Image via Japan Today

KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa

Image via Japan Today

KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa Matcha

Image via Japan Today

KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa Strong Matcha

Image via Japan Today

Convenience-store Exclusive KitKat Mini Original

Image via Japan Today

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