Refill Your Soap, Snacks, And Skincare Products From RM4 Per KG At This ‘Nude’ Store In PJ

You can bring your own containers too.

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Do you get tired of having to buy bottle after bottle of household necessities? Because I do.

Every plastic bottle bought is one plastic bottle too many to dispose of eventually.

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It doesn't help that the news has also been dominated by reports of illegal plastic dumping as of late. 

Which is why this zero waste store in Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya is the perfect antidote!

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NUDE The Zero Waste Store sells everything you need to run your household (and life) at affordable prices and with zero plastic packaging!

You're probably asking, "If there's no packaging, then how to carry the liquids home la?"

That's super easy - just bring your own containers! So if you have any old detergent containers or maybe a fancy, monogrammed container that you'd be super bangga to use, then bring it along!

Co-founders Cheryl Anne Low and Wilson Chin will weigh your bottles for you at the store, then all you need to do is fill it up with what you need, and after another round weigh-ins, pay for what you asked for!

The prices are super affordable for a zero waste store.

Household liquids are sold by the kilogramme - rather than by the litre - from as low as RM4!

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"Our mantra is to make zero waste shopping accessible - which means, accessible price-wise to the average customer so that more people can practise zero waste!" Low told SAYS.

Dishwashing liquid, hand soap, shower cream, laundry liquid, fabric softener, and even pet bathing liquid are among the selection of household liquids available at Nude.

Do note that some of the liquids are biodegradable solutions, which means the bottles that are used to store the liquids should be of dark, amber, or solid to avoid light exposure.

When the mosquito season comes around, you'd want to pop in and grab some of these super effective repellents

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These 100% natural insect repellent solutions are supplied by local water-based products company Gramp's Asia. Nude is also Gramp's exclusive 'bring your own bottle' refill location, which means you can get up to 15% off the regular retail price of its products!

"It's safe around kids and pets," Low told SAYS, "No poisons, no toxins. Safe in the kitchen near your food too. Effective as heck! We know cos we use them at home."

The range of repellents include "Bye Bye Nyamuk", "Bye Bye Cicak", "Bye Bye Semut", and "Bye Bye Lipas". *adds all to cart*

No need for any pain here to gain beauty! Nude's "Moods" category is a whole catalogue of beauty and skincare items.

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The Mineraw's "Refresh Face Cleanser" and "Honey Glow Scrub" have bulk refills.

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"If we don't have that item with an option to refill, they can return the jar to us for a RM2 rebate off their next purchase," Low explained to SAYS.

Other items in Nude's "Moods" category include serums, dry shampoo, face masks, soap bars, and even reusable menstrual pads!

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Over in "Foods" - a category that speaks for itself - customers will find every dry food, herbs, and spices that belong in the typical Malaysian kitchen

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Nuts, biscuits, noodles - you name it, Nude probably has it!

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Nude even stocks pet food for the eco-conscious pet lover.

Dog kibbles come in chicken (RM0.60/100g) and lamb (RM0.65/100g) flavours. Cat kibbles, on the other hand, are RM0.75/100g.

Low told SAYS that the treats are "home baked with high quality human grade ingredients".

"No salt and no preservatives! They're so good and healthy, that some people get them for themselves to have as crackers at home! We've tasted them, and they taste really good."

Check out Nude's full menu here!

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Address: 11A, Jalan 19/29, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours:
Tuesday - Sunday (11am to 7pm)
Closed on Mondays

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Find out why Nude chooses to operate with zero plastic packaging:

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