You Can Now Get An Extremely Realistic Durian Pillow At This Popular Mall In Subang

Now it's always durian season!

Cover image via Life Warehouse

It seems like Malaysians have found a way to level up in their durian obsession, as you can now get a lifelike durian cushion

Image via Life Warehouse
Image via Life Warehouse

Available at Life Warehouse Malaysia for RM59, even those who can't stand the smell of durian can cuddle with the thorny fruit

You can get the cushion delivered to you, or pick it up from their warehouse in Sunway Geo Avenue, Selangor.

Image via Life Warehouse

Made from PP cotton, their website states that the pillow is really soft to touch, "just like the durian pulp"

According to their website, the cushion is 40cm by 50cm, the perfect size to rest your head on after a long day.

Image via Life Warehouse
Image via Life Warehouse

To add to your durian collection, you can also get a matching phone case for RM19

Image via Life Warehouse

You can click on the link to check out more items.

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