This Giant Lizard Pillow Is 100% More Terrifying Than The Cockroach One

It looks too real.

Cover image via Lê Vinh Sang

A few months ago, this giant cockroach pillow, called Peter, became the hype among people hoping to surprise their loved ones with a unique cuddly 'pet'

Image via mheemeekhong

But just in case giant cockroaches weren't horrifying enough, there is now a giant lizard pillow

Image via Lê Vinh Sang
Image via Lê Vinh Sang

And it looks too real

Image via Lê Vinh Sang

Its eyes bulge out just like a real lizard!

Image via Lê Vinh Sang
Image via Lê Vinh Sang

The colour of the lizard makes it look super realistic, like it could jump right at you!

Does having this snuggly stuffed reptile appeal to you?

Image via Lê Vinh Sang

You might be in luck

Image via Lê Vinh Sang

The lizard is being sold online by a Vietnamese seller.

It comes in two different sizes. The smaller one costs 290,000 VND(RM54) while the bigger one costs 350,000 VND(RM65).

However, the seller unfortunately does not ship his products overseas as of now.

But if you're planning on visiting Vietnam any time soon or have some Vietnamese friends, you know what to do.

It might be your new best friend

Image via Lê Vinh Sang

If lizards aren't your thing

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