This Cockroach Pillow Called "Peter" Is The Best Surprise Gift For Your Loved Ones

It's really cute tbh.

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There's no denying that cockroaches are not everyone's favourite insect. Especially when they spread their wings....

Image via Giphy

Recently, a Thai online shop released a giant, cockroach pillow called 'Peter the Cockroach'

Image via mheemeekhong

Image via mheemeekhong

It looks super realistic with two long antennae, six hairy legs and WINGS.

We think 'Peter the Cockroach' is quite possibly a character from the collection of LINE stickers

Image via LINE Store

Wanna snuggle up to Peter?

Image via mheemeekhong

It is advertised as the 'best gift' for your loved ones.

Or have a cockroach pillow fight with your bae?

Image via mheemeekhong

It could even be your low maintenance ‘household pet’ or an accessory for your living room

Image via mheemeekhong

Netizens however, have mixed ‘icky’ feelings about this adorable plushy

Some are already planning to get their loved ones one.

Thinking of getting one?

You can buy it at 890 Thai Baht (THB), which is approximately RM112 at this online store here.

They can ship overseas too!

Sweet dreams with Peter!

Image via Giphy

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