How Would You Like To Cuddle With These Life-Sized 'Hantu Pocong' Pillows?

Sweet dreams!

Cover image via here666 Facebook

First, there were giant cockroach pillows

Image via mheemeekhong

Then, there were equally gigantic lizard pillows

Image via Lê Vinh Sang

Now, get ready to have nightmares for days with this super creepy life-sized hantu pocong pillow, because apparently nothing is sacred anymore

No one should look this happy to have a hantu pocong as a cuddle buddy tbh

Just for kicks, this is how the 165cm-tall pillow looks like in its full glory. Is it just us, or is that face staring right into our souls... *shivers*

The hantu pocong pillow is being sold by Thai online store หมอนเหี้ย (here666 on Facebook) for 1,111 Baht (RM140).

If you're thinking of getting one of these creepy cuddlies for yourself, good news - they do ship to Malaysia (yep, we asked)! Check out their product catalogue here and drop them a message on Facebook or LINE @here666 for more details.

That's not even the creepiest thing they're selling. Look what we found when we dug through their product catalogue...

Yep, that's a hantu penanggal (a female ghost with a detached head flying around with her entrails dangling all over). With an uber realistic face that we hope we NEVER have to wake up to.

Sweet dreams, children. :)

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