This Cheeky Atok Spoke To A Doctor In Tamil So His Family Wouldn't Know What He Was Saying

That's one way to take matters into your own hands!

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Grandparents can be quite a sneaky bunch, and this adorable Atok is no exception

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Twitter user @AdibahRosli's video of her grandfather has gone viral for showing the hilarious tactic he used to get out of a hospital visit.

The post has garnered over 15,000 retweets at the time of writing.

When Adibah's Atok was unwell and suffered a nosebleed, her family insisted that he get it checked out at a hospital.

However, they took him to a 24-hour clinic instead after he profusely refused.

At the clinic, the elderly man was met by an Indian doctor, who concluded that seeking treatment at a hospital was the best next step.

He communicated this to Adibah's family in Bahasa Malaysia at first, before switching to English so that the worried patient would not understand.

That was when the cheeky grandpa took matters into his own hands and decided to even the playing field.

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"He didn't want to go to the hospital so much so that he started talking to the doctor in Tamil," Adibah tweeted

"I don't want to trouble them," the elderly man can be heard saying in the video, to which the doctor replied, "But they’re willing to come."

"No, no! They’ll get sick!" Adibah's grandpa insisted. "Who's sick?" the doctor asked.

"My wife and her mother," Atok replied.

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Adibah's grandpa also assured the doctor that he would be fine with just medicine and rest at home.

While netizens were mostly amused by the lengths Atok went to in order to avoid a hospital visit, many were impressed by his ability to speak in Tamil

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Adibah assumed he acquired the skill from talking to his Indian neighbours when he lived in an estate in Air Panas, Johor.

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Several Twitter users shared that their grandparents also picked up the language over the years

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In case you were wondering, Atok is feeling much better now!

He also found it funny that Twitterverse enjoyed the video of him so much.

Watch his negotiation with the doctor in Tamil here:

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