Malaysian Teacher Makes Wholesome TikTok Videos Teaching English With His Students

It's the ending that gets me each time.

Cover image via @sir_aSai (TikTok)

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A local teacher who goes by the name sir aSai has recently gone viral for his hilarious TikTok videos

Together with his students, sir aSai, who joined the TikTok community in November last year, has been making videos on how to pronounce English words correctly.

One of his videos, which went viral on Twitter since yesterday, 21 February, shows students trying to pronounce the word 'debut', while he provides the correct pronunciation at the end.

His other videos show him tackling commonly mispronounced words, such as 'rendezvous' and 'Wednesday'.

But what really gets us are the wholesome reactions from his students at the end of every video.

After he gives the correct pronunciation of each word, a group of students will cheer loudly in the background. 

And sometimes he joins in on the fun and plays the role of a student

The teacher also shares TikTok tutorials, including the differences between English versus English in Kelantan, how to use certain English words in a sentence, and other useful tips.

@sir_asai already has more than 152,000 followers on TikTok. You can follow him here.

Good communication skills are everything and this cat knows it:

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