We Ranked Syed Saddiq's Popular TikTok Videos From Best To Bestest

Move over, 'Renegade' and 'Don't Rush Challenge'. Syed Saddiq's videos are taking centre stage on TikTok.

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Everyone knows Syed Saddiq as Muar Member of Parliament (MP) and former youth and sports minister.

However, many do not realise that the young politician is also a TikTok celebrity on the rise.

Move over, 'Renegade' and 'Don't Rush Challenge'. Syed Saddiq's videos are taking centre stage on TikTok!

With over 120,900 followers on the short-form mobile video platform, he is definitely on his way to becoming one of the most famous Malaysians on the app.

There is no doubt that every single one of his videos is entertaining but we've decided to analyse a few and rank them from best to bestest:

5. Home workout with Toby

Posted on 10 June, this was the first video that Syed Saddiq uploaded on TikTok. It made it on our list due to several reasons:

Firstly, the choice of music was very apt with what was popular at the time. This shows that the Muar MP put in the effort to cater to TikTok users by studying their interests and current trends.

Next, the home workout video was very on-brand for the former youth and sports minister and it sent out a good message which reminded people to stay healthy.

Lastly, we'd like to applaud Syed Saddiq's genius use of props AKA his cat. Cats always win over the Internet and chonky Toby's cuteness definitely contributed to the fact that the video garnered over 2,400,000 views.

4. Presenting, the beauty that is Muar

In this short clip, Syed Saddiq really showcased his creativity and artistry. He included jumping transitions that are so seamless that we had to do a double-take when the background changed so suddenly.

He definitely deserves to be praised for using an unconventional platform to promote the beauty of the federal constituency under him. In the video, he listed five different destinations in Muar for people to visit.

Furthermore, we're very sure that it took a lot of time and effort to shoot the video at different locations but Syed Saddiq made it look so effortless.

3. His secret skincare routine

Many Malaysians on social media have noticed that Syed Saddiq's complexion is absolutely amazing. Well, how could we not? The young politician loves to upload close-up videos of his face. (Netizens even started a '#SyedSaddiqChallenge' where they mimick him by recording themselves using the front camera at an uncomfortably close distance.)

Since then, a lot of people have been pestering Syed Saddiq to share his skincare routine. On Tuesday, 21 July, he finally uploaded a video on TikTok saying that he wanted to reveal his secret to flawless skin. It turned out to be a cheeky prank as he only showed himself washing his face with tap water.

This video made it to the top three on our list because we were definitely fooled and really thought that he was about to recommend a few skincare products. Syed Saddiq's sense of humour really shines through in the clip and we love a politician who can strike the right balance between work and play.

2. Muar food spots

There are so many things right about this video and we're going to list them down one by one.

Firstly, nothing can go wrong with foodie content. Malaysians have an appetite for restaurant recommendations and Syed Saddiq's TikTok was such a serve.

Besides that, we'd like to commend him for promoting small local businesses instead of famous franchises or big players in the food industry. It's important to uplift these humble eateries as they're often so underrated and overlooked.

He did a great job in providing them a platform and we really hope that their businesses have improved since the video was uploaded. Not only that, Saddiq also listed the restaurant names and location, making the video super informative.

Last but not least, one of the reasons this video spoke to us was because the Muar MP looked like he genuinely enjoyed the food he was having. It may seem like an insignificant matter to point out but "mukbang" videos have taken over the Internet in recent years and we believe that this video has a similar appeal. There's just something mesmerising about watching someone appreciating good food.

1. A critique of the recent National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) licence fiasco

In case you missed it, communications and multimedia minister Saifuddin Abdullah declared that each individual must apply for a licence before making any type of film, including videos meant for personal social media. This led to a lot of pushback by Malaysian citizens and even politicians.

The minister has since claimed that his statement was misreported and that the government has no intention of using the FINAS Act to restrict people's personal freedom on social media.

Saddiq then took to TikTok to joke about the issue and we must say that the outcome is an absolute masterpiece. It's timely, witty, and all-around hilarious.

The video showed Saddiq dressed up as a police officer "arresting" his cat Toby for being an unlicenced TikTok user. He then had a quick outfit change and appeared as a reporter chasing down the officer and the suspect.

After that, he dashes across the screen while holding his other cat, Meow Meow, determined to rescue the incarcerated Toby. The video ends with the politician dressed as himself, frantically trying to apply for a licence from FINAS in order to free his beloved feline.

We found the plot of the video so unpredictable and it truly kept us at the edge of our seats.

In total, there were five different characters in the video and yet only one star - Syed Saddiq himself. The video wasn't just funny, it was a biting critique of current issues, had an eventful storyline, and featured top-notch acting. The politician reserved different expressions for each character and did not purely rely on his outfits to carry their personalities.

Besides that, he posted the skit along with a caption that read, "Need to apply a licence for everything? You’ve gotta be kitten me," and we believe that the pun alone deserves some recognition.

This video easily takes the cake for us and it earned its place at number one. We have a feeling that Syed Saddiq will only get better at making TikTok videos but until then, this clip from him will remain as one of the best videos he's ever produced.

Syed Saddiq was recently shortlisted for One Young World's 'Politician of the Year' award:

Here's a list of facts you probably did not know about the former debater:

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