[VIDEO] Determined 'Oyen' Meows To Rapid KL Bus Driver That It Needs To Go To KLCC

The driver tried his best to politely explain that KLCC was closed.

Cover image via Apai Wanakashie (Facebook)

Cats. Once they set their minds on something, it takes quite a bit of effort to deter them.

On 9 February, Facebook user Apai Wanakashie posted a video of one very persistent ginger-coloured cat who needed a bus ride.

In the video, the cat is seen boarding a Rapid KL bus and proceeds to have a conversation with the bus driver

Driver: Encik Oyen, nak pergi mana? (Mr Oyen, where would you like to go?)
Oyen: *meow*
Driver: KLCC?
Cat: *meow*
Driver: KLCC dah tutup lah. (KLCC is already closed lah.)

Determined to head there anyway, Oyen struts inside while the driver shouts for it, "Eh, pas awak kat mana? Awak tak scan." (Eh, where's your pass? You haven't scan yet.)

The driver follows Oyen to the middle of the bus and finds it making itself comfortable on the stairs. 

Apai continues to ask Oyen, "Awak pergi mana? Adui." (Where do you want to go?) while Oyen replies with meows.

Apai continues to try to inform Oyen that it can't take the bus. So Oyen decides to pull out the oldest cat trick in the book – be manja.

While he continues to tell the cat that it can't go, he also gives in and ends up giving Oyen some affection.

Thinking that he finally got through to Oyen, the driver says, "Ok jom" (Let's go), while the cat gets up.

However, trying its luck one more time, a stubborn Oyen hops onto the orange seats on the opposite side and continues to reason with the driver by meowing

Apai, who is seen wearing a Rapid KL bus driver's uniform in the video, responds by telling Oyen that it has to leave while laughing to himself at the whole debacle.

Oyen manages to squeeze in a few more pets before finally getting the point and heading out. 

In the comments, Apai said that he gave Oyen and a few of its gang some cat food to make up for the rejection. 

He posted a photo of the gang happily eating their treats.

Oyen's little tantrum caught the attention of Rapid KL, who shared the video on their Facebook page yesterday, 15 February

They cheekily wrote in the caption, "Jangan bersedih wahai Oyen. Kalau abang kapten bas ni tak nak bawak Oyen naik bas pergi KLCC, kita pergi naik LRT ok?" (Do not be sad Oyen. If this bus captain doesn't want to bring Oyen on the bus to KLCC, we'll go on the LRT okay?)

Oyen isn't the only cat who thought it could get away with mischief by acting cute:

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