We Interviewed The Chief Receptionist At A Shell Station. His Name Is Hei Hei & He's A Cat

Life is good for Hei Hei because he has a stable career now.

Cover image via @ShyanShyanLee2 (Twitter)

Meet Hei Hei.

The Chief Receptionist at a Shell petrol station in Petaling Jaya.

But don't you expect him to fuel up your car because all he does is laze around...

...which we absolutely love!

Speaking to SAYS, Hei Hei's human, who wishes to be known only as Lee, said she has been looking after him for almost a year now

Now, we have to address him as Hei Hei the Empress

Life is good for Hei Hei because he has a stable career and is under the care of his big-hearted hooman

Lee said she has been looking after stray cats at the petrol station for over eight years now.

At this moment, Hei Hei has seven other feline friends at the petrol station.

Just look at them fight... I mean play.

When we visited Hei Hei, we learned that all the cats love to hang out in an office next to a car workshop at the petrol station.

Hei Hei has over 3,000 followers on Twitter and it is growing fast

Lee told us that Hei Hei first tasted fame after an influencer posted photos of him standing outside Shell Select like a storekeeper.

The photos went viral online. Seeing thousands of netizens love Hei Hei to bits, Lee decided to turn her personal Twitter account into a logbook of Hei Hei's daily adventure.

She now regularly posts photos and videos of Hei Hei and his friends, such as Fafa and Mimi, fooling around.

One of Hei Hei's videos "running late to work" has over seven thousand likes!

However, if you want to visit the cat, we got bad news for you.

Lee does not want to reveal the location of the petrol station other than mentioning it is located in Petaling Jaya, citing fear that members of the public will treat the site as a pet dumping ground.

But, if you wish to adopt a cat, Lee said feel free to contact her on Twitter here.

This is how the interview we had with Hei Hei went:

Hei Hei, be a good cat and love your hooman, okay?

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