We Tried This Viral Garlic Peeling Hack And It's Actually Legit

TikTok teaching me more in one minute than my entire school life.

Cover image via @sirjacinto21lp (TikTok)

You can never have too much garlic in your food. And looks like there's finally a hack to peel a whole garlic bulb in the quickest way possible.

TikTok user @sirjacinto21lpt posted a video last month, which has since been viewed over 2.6 million times. 

In the video, someone starts by first slicing a garlic bulb in half on a chopping board

Then, they lie both cut sides flat and smash it with a knife

The result? These beautifully peeled garlic cloves!

We thought the hack was too good to be true so we had to try it out for ourselves. And after a couple of attempts, it surprisingly worked!

We learned that:
- After cutting the garlic bulb with a knife, switching to a cleaver makes for a cleaner smash and more likely for the garlic to come out.
- You need to smash the cleaver pretty hard. Be careful with this step.

The hack definitely makes it easier to peel lots of garlic in a short span of time, instead of smashing and peeling clove by clove.

If all else fails, just use the ol' pestle and mortar trick of removing garlic skin by pounding separated cloves.

Here's an alternative way to peel garlic in seconds:

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