This Viral Hack Shows You How To Peel Garlic In 25 Seconds By "Stabbing" & Pulling It Out


Cover image via Twitter @VPestilenZ

Consider our minds blown!

After years of peeling garlic the hard way, a video showing someone quickly and cleanly "stabbing" cloves of garlic out of its head is sending netizens into an enlightened frenzy.

The video, which has gone viral Twitter, shows someone poking a clove with a pointed blade and swiftly pulling it out of its casing. In fact, she pretty much extracted every clove in the garlic in merely 25 seconds!

The life-changing hack was a mind-blowing revelation for Twitterverse, with many lamenting the fact that they've wasted so much of their lives peeling garlic the hard way

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

In case you're wondering if the garlic peeling hack is a fluke, some people tried it and proved that it works!

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

However, it didn't quite work out for some, so it's safe to say that you'd probably need a certain amount of paring skills to successfully pull off the hack

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Well, you know what they say - practice makes perfect! On that note, check out this pineapple-eating hack that you probably were not aware of... until now:

Food aside, the Internet has been a great source of knowledge for life hacks that you can easily replicate with everyday household items:

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