Watch This Woman Curl Her Hair With Just A Plastic Bottle And Hair Dryer In 10 Seconds

The simple yet genius hack has gone viral.

Curling your hair just got easier (and definitely cheaper), thanks to a simple yet genius hack that's currently making its rounds on social media

Save the money you'd be spending on a hair curler or the RM2,000 overly canggih Dyson AirWrap, 'coz all you really need are (1) a plastic bottle with its top cut off, and (2) an everyday hair dryer with a flat nozzle.

Here's the best part - it only takes a couple of seconds! Simply stuff a section of hair into the bottle, insert the hair dryer into a slit on the side, start it up...

... And voila, curls for days!

Sure beats the arm-aching work of holding heated hair curlers away from your face. :p

If you're wondering if it's just a fluke, a couple of netizens have tried out the hack... and apparently, it really works

This hairdresser also attempted it on a customer, although he recommended using a bottle with thicker walls and urged people to be careful of the heat when trying out the hack

Image via Facebook

You can watch the original video here:

Posted by Weebe Wee on Monday, 29 October 2018

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