12 Hacks For Anyone Who Wears Glasses Because It’s Not Easy Having Four Eyes

Glasses have their benefits, but they can also be pretty troublesome.

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For those aren't gifted with 20/20 vision, normal everyday life can suddenly become a troublesome affair

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People who don't wear glasses might not understand the plight of one who does. Remember how you tried to find your glasses in the dark?

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Not forgetting how you walked carefully across the room, so you won't accidentally step on it!

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to make each day more bearable as a four-eye:

1. Apply a small strip of glow in the dark paint on your glasses case to easily find it in the dark

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Glow in the dark paint are readily available at many hardware shops across Malaysia.

2. Modify your headphones by stuffing more sponge inside so you won't have any problems wearing them

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3. Prevent your glasses from falling down your nose with hair-ties

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Just a couple of twists of the hair-ties at the back of the arms the glasses will be non-slip! The hair-ties won't be noticeable too, because it's behind your ear.

4. Keep your glasses from fogging up with a bit of shaving cream

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Clean your glasses with shaving foam every time it gets dirty. This works because the soap (which is really what does the job—any soap will do, shaving cream is just easiest to use) creates a protective film on the glass that keeps it from fogging. It works on car windscreens too!

5. Put a rubber band around your shampoos to distinguish it from similiar looking ones

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6. Have enough microfiber cloths to clean your glasses

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Microfiber cloths are readily available at optical shops. They are often pretty cheap, so you could always buy a bulk!

7. Make sure you wash your microfiber cloths too! A dirty one won't get the job done.

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Dump the dirty microfiber clothes in a bowl of warm water with mild detergent and hand wash them thoroughly.

8. Adjust crooked glasses by placing it on a flat surface

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Place the glasses on a flat surface with the temple open. Next, tap the frame. If it moves, you would need to adjust the temple by tweaking it up or down.

9. Phone cameras are really useful when it comes to looking for your glasses

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If you have myopia (short-sightedness), you can see close objects, so the cell phone camera operates like a tiny window into a world we can't normally see.

10. Do not use your clothes to clean glasses, because it's likely filled with dust, and that scratches the lenses

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You also shouldn't use anything with ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner too because those chemicals strip away the coatings on your glasses.

11. Use toothpaste to get rid of scratches on your glasses

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Use a cotton or soft wool cloth with a little non-abrasive toothpaste to quickly buff away scratches on eye glasses. Rub the lens gently, moving the cloth in small circles. Continue this motion for around ten seconds. Rinse with cold water and wipe dry.

For a very stubborn scratch, you may have to repeat the process. Continue until the scratch is completely removed. If you have an anti-scratch coating on your eye glasses, you may have to rub this off completely first. This will not damage the lens but will make it more difficult to get to the scratch.

12. To prevent your glasses from slipping when you're sweaty, apply some wax like Nerdwax

Nerdwax is a beeswax and coconut oil-based blend of all-natural and organic ingredients in a lip balm-sized tube that you apply to the pads or bridge of your glasses to prevent slippage.

Interested? You can get one here.

How many of these tips and tricks have you tried out? Let us know in the comments below!

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