This Daiso Item Is Viral On Twitter For Its Magic Ability To Remove Lint On Your Clothes

Show this device to your mum to impress her.

Cover image via Twitter @SaidaZarifah

We are all used to wearing our sweatshirts for years even after bobbles start forming on our beloved pullovers

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But guess what? For just RM5.90, your sweatshirts can look brand new.

Introducing 'Rolling Lint Remover'.

With just a few rolls, this device from Daiso can remove all the tiny fuzzballs and make your clothes look like you just bought them yesterday.

Image via Shopee

The device recently went viral on Twitter when a Malaysian shared before and after photos of her sweatshirt after using the magical gadget

Twitter user @SaidaZarifah shared photos and a video of how amazing Rolling Lint Remover works.

"Look at the difference," exclaimed Saida.

"I love this cool thing from Daiso. My clothes look brand new now," lauded the Twitter user.

At the time of writing, the post has been liked over 35,000 times and garnered 17,000 retweets.

In a video, Saida says that the device uses two double-A batteries to power the blades inside the device

She brushes the device over a shirt with a lot of visible fuzzballs, and after just 30 seconds of application, all fuzzballs disappeared.

Saida also mentions that the device has a compartment that stores the removed lint.

"The price (for this device) is RM5.90. I think all the items in Daiso have the same price," she tweeted.

"I bought it at Daiso, but some netizens told me you can get it at a cheaper price on Shopee. Some even suggested that I could use a shaver, razor, penknife, and so on to do the job."

"It's up to you guys. I love using this."

A quick search on the Internet also found that Philips also produces such a device, which the company called it 'Fabric Shaver GC026/00'.

Watch the full video below:

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