Viral Hack Shows How To Remove Tissue That Accidentally Sticks To Clothes After Washing

How to adult 101.

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Anyone who has accidentally left tissue in their jean pocket before doing laundry will understand the struggle that comes after your clothes have been washed

... And you're left with little bits of torn up tissue stuck onto every single piece of clothing.

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Well, there just might be an effective way for you to remove the tissue pulp with as little hassle as possible

SoraNews24 translated a Japanese Twitter thread by Yukino (@54l23) who revealed a trick on how to remove tissue bits accidentally put into the laundry.

According to her, all you need to do is to add fabric softener into your wash, run the rinse and spin cycle again, and everything will come out clean – without any tissue pulp!

Yukino explained that the reason for this is that tissue paper and fabric tend to cling together because of their opposing electrical charges.

Using fabric softener can break that bond and cause the tissue to slide off the clothes as they are rinsed.

She shared before and after photos of the method – and they look pretty impressive

Before fabric softener:

Image via Twitter @54l23

After fabric softener:

Image via Twitter @54l23

Her tweet has received over 143,900 retweets since Tuesday, 25 February.

You can check it out below:

It may be extra effort to do each piece but if all else fails, there's always the trusty ol' lint roller

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Have you ever tried to remove tissue pulp left on clothes? Let us know how you did it and if it worked!

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