This Japanese Hack Shows You How To Fix The Stretched Neckline Of Your Favourite T-Shirt

It looks as good as new after!

Cover image via Nippon TV / TEEPR

Stretched necklines in T-shirts are pretty much inevitable, especially when it comes to those made of cotton

In fact, how often have you had to relegate your favourite tee into a piece of clothing you'll only wear at home or into the back of your cupboard because the neckline had gotten too scruffy to be worn in public? 

There may be a way to save your favourite tee yet, as demonstrated by this Japanese laundry expert's simple hack

According to Taiwanese portal TEEPR, an expert from popular laundry service Nexcy appeared on Japanese variety show ZIP! to share tips on how to maintain T-shirt necklines. 

He explained that necklines do not only get stretched due to repeated wear, it also has a lot to do with how the tee is dried - when a T-shirt is hung out to dry, the moisture tends to weigh it down, hence stretching out the neckline. 

To fix it, here's what you'll need to prepare:

(i) A bowl of ice cubes and cold water;  
(ii) An iron; and
(iii) A table or flat surface to lay your beloved T-shirt on.

Now on to the T-shirt-saving hack, which is made up of four simple steps:

STEP ONE: Fold the neckline in waves and soak that particular section in the bowl of ice cubes

STEP TWO: Squeeze out the water (make sure the "waves" are intact) ...

... Then lay it on a flat surface and flatten the neckline by rubbing it vertically (parallel to the shirt's length)

STEP 3: Iron the neckline to flatten it further, preferably in an upwards direction

IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't dry it out, as you're only required to iron until it's damp. 

STEP FOUR: Spread it out on a flat surface to dry...

... And at the end of the process, your T-shirt's neckline should be as good as new! Check out these before and after photos as demonstrated by the laundry expert:

Have you ever tried fixing the stretched neckline on your T-shirts? Let us know how you did it - and if it worked - in the comments section!

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