This Viral Hack Shows You How To Pry Apart Superglued Fingers With Salt And Water

The salt acts as a neutraliser.

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Working with superglue can be tricky, especially if it gets all over your fingers, hardens, and becomes too difficult to remove

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The last thing you should do is to pull your fingers apart once the glue has hardened. This could potentially cause ripping of your skin and unnecessary pain.

Fortunately, a recent viral Twitter video has demonstrated one method of removing the glue.

All you need is salt and a little bit of water.

The video, which was posted by Twitter user @brotherjambang, has since received over 24,600 retweets and 17,200 likes.

It begins with someone putting superglue on his fingers and sticking them together.

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Using some salt and water, he then rubs his fingers together

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After rubbing it for several seconds, a paste develops and the superglued fingers are unstuck again!

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According to wikiHow, you can also try adding olive oil or any other cooking oil into the salt paste. 

Alternatively, you could use acetone to dissolve the glue. However, avoid using too much acetone as this could be harsh on your skin.

How did the salt 'magically' pry apart the superglued fingers?

One tweet may have the answer:

You can watch the full video below:

Have you ever tried this method before? Let us know how you remove superglue in the comments section below!

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