Malaysian TikToker Shares Easy Hack To Clean Oily Containers

Like magic.

Cover image via Twitter @DannySweetch

If you've ever done the dishes, then you'll be more than familiar with the pain of washing one of these

Whether you scrub them endlessly, pour hot water and leave them to soak, or end up just throwing them away, we can all probably agree that washing these oily bekas or tapau containers are the worst.

Leave them to soak overnight and they'll somehow still have a sheen of oil all over them... WHYYYY!?

Well, it seems that the bekas gods have heard your cries for help

Malaysian TikToker @ajezzzzzzz recently shared a viral hack on how to remove oil off of these containers when cleaning.

He tweeted his video on 2 August, which has already been retweeted over 17,300 times.

Here's how it works:

Step one - Fill the oily container with some dishwashing liquid

Step two - Fill up the container with some water

Step three - Grab a sheet of paper towel, scrunch it up, and put it into the container

Step four - Close the lid and shake it for several seconds, then pour out the water along with the dissolved paper towel

Step five - Rinse the container with water and like magic, you'll notice that it's clean and oil-free!

Watch the full video below:

Have you tried this hack? Let us know if it worked or not!

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