Watch This Adorable Boy Motivate Himself To Be A Man Before Taking A Blood Test

It's too cute!

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A video clip of an adorable boy telling himself to be brave while taking his blood test has gone viral since its posting

South China Morning Post posted a video on 19 November of the young boy trying to hold back tears while soothing himself saying, "I'm a man, I must be brave!"

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Adding to his own pep talk, the boy was heard saying, "I'm a mathematics prefect. I know I can be brave."

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The doctor was also heard assuring the child that two of his other friends had done the test and had not cried, to which the boy replied, "But he's a prefect, so he definitely wouldn't cry."

As the doctor prepped his arm for the injection, the boy shared with her about a time when he was rewarded in kindergarten for not crying during a blood test

"My teacher gave me an Ultraman sticker as a reward," he explained, in between sobs.

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The "dreaded" moment finally arrived and the boy was heard politely asking the doctor if she could complete the injection within three seconds

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She calmly replied him, "Of course. Count to three and I'll be done. One, two, three. Done."

The boy - seen slightly wincing from the needle prick - all of a sudden exclaimed, "It didn't hurt at all."

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The boy's exchange has melted the hearts of netizens, with some saying that they could definitely relate to him

Image via SCMP
Image via SCMP

You're truly a champ to us, young man! :')

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You can watch the full video below:

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