This Japanese Cat's 'Meow' Is Making People Think It's Casting A Magic Spell On Humans

One netizen has since remixed Chobimaru's voice into a hip-hop beat.

Cover image via Ilritotomohiro/Twitter

A video of a Japanese cat has been going viral recently after its owner posted its terrifying yet humourous 'meow' of all time

This is Chobimaru.

Instead of 'meowing' like other cats, Chobimaru can be heard saying "oliliolilioliliolioliolioli" in the video below:

Chobimaru's owner @llritotomohiro, who raises four cats in his home, captured the unusual moment and posted it on his Twitter.

Apparently, this wasn't the first time his cat has made odd sounds, as the video's caption reads: "Chobimaru is talking again…Scary…"

Since the video was posted online, Chobimaru's 'weird' talk has become quite an Internet sensation

The video, which was uploaded on 12 November, has garnered over 5.18 million views at the time of writing.

Here is Chobimaru with his three other housemates.

Image via llritotomohiro/Twitter

According to NextShark, a few people have also shared about their pets making similar noises.

"Did Chobimaru throw up after this? When my cat sounds like he's casting an incantation, I always run to grab some newspapers and tissues," one commenter said.

Another shared: "My cat does the same thing! After he makes this kind of noise, he throws up. It's nice of him to always give me an advance warning."

Others claimed that perhaps Chobimaru was speaking in tongues or summoning the dark gods

"Sounds to me like he's trying to cast a magic spell," one commenter wrote.

Another said, "It's like when a drunk dude has something he REALLY wants to tell you, but you've got no idea what he's saying."

Meanwhile, one netizen remixed Chobimaru's voice into a hip-hop beat worthy of being added to your next playlist:

In a follow-up tweet, Chobimaru's owner thanked netizens for their concern and said that his cat returned to its normal self

SoraNews24 reported @llritotomohiro as saying that "after a minute or so of chanting, he [Chobimaru] returned to normal, eating dinner as he always does and playing energetically in the house."


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