This Air Stewardess Gave A Brilliant Response To A Passenger Who Didn't Stop Complaining

People have been praising the flight attendant for her creativity.

Cover image via kooo_TmS_suke/Twitter

Being an air stewardess requires a tremendous amount of patience, especially when passengers can really test limits – like the one in this recent case

On 5 November, a Japanese Twitter user related this case of a flight passenger who kept complaining about having a 'window seat' that showed nothing but a blank wall.

The man had apparently demanded to be moved to a different row but there was no other seat available on the flight.

So the witty air stewardess came up with a brilliant solution

She went away and came back with a piece of paper that had a rough sketch of a window, a couple of clouds, and sea. And immediately taped it to his blank cabin wall.

Here's a closer look at her artwork:

The post has since gone viral with over 7,900 retweets and 15,000 likes

It is unclear as to whether the man appreciated her drawing or not. But according to SoraNews24, several Japanese netizens certainly did. 

One person commented, as translated by the portal: "That's really clever."

Another observed and said that, "From the way he's sleeping, I'd say that dude was satisfied."

While others said, "How lucky he must be to be gifted with a such a unique scenery," and "What a compassionate world we live in."

To be fair, the passenger probably deserved to have a window seat if he had paid for it. 

It's not uncommon to hear of passengers complaining about not having a seat with an actual window

In the past few years, #wheresmywindow has been trending on Twitter with many passengers showing their frustration at their lack of... well, a window.

Fox News reported that a team behind YouTube channel 'Today I Found Out' explained that this happened because airlines have added more rows of seats to planes in order to raise revenue and keep airfares competitive.

Pilot Karl Young explained on Quora that the solution is not as simple as just adding more windows to planes.

"All airliner windows are only close enough to each other to have sufficient material between the windows to handle the stresses [of flying]," he wrote.

In other instances, these passengers pulled absurd stunts on their flights this year:

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