Passenger Fined RM6,000 For Trying To Open MAS Flight Door While It Was Mid-Air

An air stewardess caught the man holding the emergency door handle and attempting to open it during the flight.

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A 32-year old man tried to open a plane door during a flight from New Zealand to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Sunday, 12 August

The man was fined RM6,000 after pleading guilty in court for the offense, reported Bernama today, 15 August.

Cranwell Frazer Harry was on his way to Vietnam with his friends on a Malaysian Airlines (MAS) flight, which was making a transit at KLIA, when the incident happened.

Cranwell Frazer Harry is a restaurant manager from Auckland, New Zealand.

Image via Bernama

An air stewardess on the plane caught the man holding the emergency door handle and attempting to open it mid-air

Cranwell was believed to have drank several glasses of beer and liquor during the flight.

The stewardess then asked the man to move to a different seat on the plane and immediately informed the chief stewardess and captain.

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Image via Julia Blaise

During the court session, Magistrate Mohamad Izwan Mohamed Noh warned Cranwell to not repeat his actions

"I promise, sir," a prison uniform-clad Cranwell replied to Izwan, with tears rolling down his cheeks.

The two days spent in the police lockup had really taught Cranwell a lesson, said his lawyer Zaflee Pakwanteh, reported Free Malaysia Today.

The charge was made under Regulation 97 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 2016, which includes a fine of up to RM50,000 or three years' imprisonment, or both.

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