[VIDEO] AirAsia Flight Attendant Goes Viral After Dancing To 'Toxic' On An Actual Plane

His facial expressions are on point!

Cover image via BritneySpearsVEVO / Twitter @FarhanRzman

Sexy and provocative, Britney Spears' 'Toxic' is no doubt one of the most iconic music videos of the '00s

Futuristic costumes and edgy motorcycle chases aside, the music video's most recognisable theme has got to be the opening scene where the pop princess plays a seductive flight attendant onboard a plane.

Now, in 2017, an actual flight attendant has recreated the iconic airplane scene on an actual aircraft... and he's none other than AirAsia's very own Assraf Nasir!

And boy, did he nail it! Looking completely in his element as he struts up and down the aisle, Assraf's facial expressions are all sass as he let his fabulous dance moves do the talking.

You can look him up on Instagram here.

The video was first shared on Twitter by @FarhanRzman, a fellow AirAsia flight attendant, and has over 4,800 retweets since it was posted on Friday, 17 March. You can watch it here:

But what really propelled Assraf into international stardom was when Internet personality Liam Dineen shared the video on Facebook. With its "on point" caption, the video pretty much went viral overnight.

The video was also posted on 9GAG, with 8.6 million views at the time of writing.

What does Tony Fernandes think of all this? You can bet that the AirAsia Group CEO loved it, having reposted the video on his Instagram!

Who do think had better moves - Britney or Assraf? Tell us your pick in the comments section below!

AirAsia employees are no stranger to having a little fun at work... even when their thousands of feet above ground!

They have a really cool office too:

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