These Miniature 'Ikat Tepi' Keychains By A Malaysian Artist Are Too Cute To Handle!

You can even wear it as earrings.

Cover image via BMYTA . 北冥有獭/Facebook

Who doesn't enjoy their teh o ais or Milo ais in true Malaysian fashion: ikat tepi

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For the environmentally-friendly drinkers, this is now considered a guilty pleasure. 

Well, Malaysian artist BMYTA has taken that love to a whole new level:

Micro-level, that is. 

These miniature 'ikat tepi' accessories are available in four variations

You can wear the beverage on your ear with the earclip or earring option, accessorise your bag with the keychain, or simply just have the 'kosong' option!

Just look at how tiny it is!

According to a now-edited post on BMYTA's page, one bag is roughly 4.5cm x 4cm.

One 'bungkus' will cost you RM18

And if you purchase two, it will be RM30! 

Additionally, there is a shipping fee of RM8 within Malaysia. 

Follow BMYTA's Facebook page for more information.

If your love for 'ikat tepi' is bigger than these accessories can handle, here is something else to consider:

In the meantime, check out these other wonderful miniature recreations that are truly Malaysia:

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