A Man Brought His Pet Chicken To KFC Singapore And The Manager Thought It Was A Dog

The misunderstood chick was not allowed to enter.

Cover image via Shannon Lim/Facebook

Yesterday, 14 November, a man claimed that he brought his pet chicken to a KFC branch in Singapore but was not allowed to enter because the restaurant manager "mistook" his bird for a dog

Shannon Lim wrote on Facebook that he had explained to the manager a few times that his chicken was indeed not a dog.

However, the manager continued to deny his chicken's entry for fear that "Muslims would be offended"

"Please tell me she hasn't been mixing the two animals up the entire time. Is that why the thighs have been getting so big lately?! Is this #KFD?!" he wrote.

Here's a photo of Lim's chicken:

After about a minute of trying to convince the manager, Lim gave up and resorted to leaving his bird in a carrier outside of the fast food outlet

As a result, he and a "nice Malay family" then apparently watched "a group of Chinese, Malay, and Indian children try to steal the chicken and/or take selfies with it."

We're unsure as to why Lim brought the chicken to KFC in the first place but based on his replies on the post, he seemed to have been more amused than upset over the incident.

Back in January, Lim posted on a Singaporean page about one of his roosters, named Marilyn, who went missing

Concerned for Marilyn's safety, Lim asked the public to contact him immediately if they spotted his beloved two-feet tall, black rooster.

"He can't fly more than a few feet and it's unlikely he swam the 200m to shore for no reason. We don't have dogs and there's no signs of predation. The neighbours beagle mixes are still happily swimming about, so crocs are unlikely... we'd really like to know what happened to our boy ," wrote Lim, who runs several farms in Singapore.

Lim told SAYS that unfortunately, Marilyn had not been found. However, its son went on to win best rooster at the first Singapore backyard chicken competition.

Similar to Lim's KFC incident, a museum in Japan spends most of its day refusing entry to two cats trying to get in:

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