[PHOTOS] LV's Badminton Set Has Netizens Wishing They Could Flex Wealth Rather Than Muscle

"Can I win against Lee Chong Wei after buying this?"

Cover image via 323934164 (Xiaohongshu) & 大吃一族 Big Eater (Facebook)

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We all have an unexplainable desire to buy expensive goods.

Perhaps that is the reason why netizens are overly amused by photos of Louis Vuitton's badminton set.

Within the last 24 hours, photos of LV's badminton set have gone viral on Facebook.

On a local Facebook page, Big Eater shared 20 photos of the LV-branded badminton equipment, which they took from several accounts on Chinese social media site Xiaohongshu.

Not only are the frames of the rackets covered with LV's trademark, even the inside of the shuttlecocks have an LV logo

Needless to say that the racket bag has the good ol' LV monogram.

The set even comes with a sleeve for the shuttlecock case.

"When international students play badminton," said a netizen, who shared a photo of the set to the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group

Thousands of netizens tagged their badminton buddies in the comment section.

"Maybe we'll actually win against Andy using these rackets!" said an optimistic badminton player.

"If you want me to play badminton, then you know what to do," hinted a Facebook user, asking their friend to buy him the set.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, on the Big Eater Facebook page, one user asked their friend if they are willing to use a designer racket to play the rough sport.

"Can I win against Lee Chong Wei after buying this?" another netizen said in jest.

Image via Facebook

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