Dog Wearing A Face Mask & Riding A Kapcai With Its Owner Leaves Locals In Stitches

The TikTok of the dog with its owner was captured at a traffic light intersection.

Cover image via @shafiq_joker (TikTok)

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We all know that face masks are mandatory in public places and flouting the law can get people in trouble with the authorities.

It appears, though, animals are not taking any chances, either.

Recently, a dog wearing a face mask and riding on a kapcai with its owner was captured by a TikTok creator, @shafiq_joker, at a traffic light intersection here.

In the TikTok, the dog is seen sitting in the basket compartment of its owner's kapcai.

When the owner notices the TikToker taking the video, he gestures his pet towards the camera.

The first post received so much attention from locals that the TikToker has since made multiple videos of the adorable incident

In total, the TikToker has posted four videos, with one of them garnering two million views.


Balas kepada @sulaiman4667 isteri smpai sakit perut gelak

bunyi asal - shafiq_joker - shafiq_joker

Collectively, the videos have received thousands of comments

In the comments, locals have mostly applauded the owner and his pet for not only being cute in general but also for following the standard operating procedures amidst the pandemic to such an extent.

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