Kind Man In Klang Helps Stray Dogs Get Adopted & They Still Manja Him When He Visits

"Look at Tina now. From a stray to such a beautiful dog that is loved by so many. All because she was given some love and care."

Cover image via Arm Si Awan Biru (Facebook)

A kind man from Klang, Selangor is going viral on Facebook for helping a stray dog and her nine puppies find adoptive homes and loving owners after he saved them from the streets

In a Facebook group called Kelab Pencinta Anjing, 30-year-old Arm Si Awan Biru, fondly known as Oteh, shared how he first met the stray dog, named Tina, loitering near his workplace in Klang.

"This story starts with Tina coming to my office every single day," wrote Oteh, who is an animal lover and often shares his other rescue stories in the group.

He said that this black and brown canine loyally waited for him outside his workplace every day because she knew he always brought food for her.

The incidents that led to her adoption began when one day he found out that Tina gave birth to nine little puppies under a cabin near his workplace

He started to worry about the fate and safety of these puppies and knew they needed a home, especially when it rained one night and flooded the area under the rundown cabin.

Thankfully, Tina was a smart dog and he found that she had carried her puppies, one by one, to a dry spot at his office. But Oteh did not settle as the place was next to a busy highway and still dangerous for the puppies.

The dedicated man took it upon himself to restore the cabin where Tina gave birth to her puppies to make sure they had a temporary home while they grew bigger

Oteh said taking care of the puppies made him learn to be more responsible as he fed them three times a day, returning even after dark to feed them.

"I will come to work an hour early to settle the food and drinks for these puppies. Morning, afternoon, and night-time, I will make sure they are fed on time," he said.

And he even catered to their demands, feeding them rice along with steamed chicken hearts and fish that were deboned when they were bored of regular chicken wings.

"There was not a single time I complained about the cost and time spent. To me, as long as they are safe and fed, I'm happy."

Another challenge occurred when Tina got hit by a motorcycle one day and was limping in pain

"I felt so sad. However, I was quickly relieved when I brought her in for treatment and they told me there were no serious injuries," he said.

At the time, he decided to get Tina spayed and vaccinated for her own good and spent over RM900 in the process, including payment for the nine days it took for her to recover from the surgery in the clinic.

"People asked why I spent so much on her, especially to be warded nine days. However, I have only one answer. I did not want her operation wound to get infected, which would make things worse," he explained.

Fortunately, Oteh said he received donations from a group of people who knew him for previously saving a dog named Bobby, and said he was thankful for their help.

In the meantime, Oteh and his friends started an adoption drive for Tina's puppies so they could find forever loving homes

"I would like to repeat that this was not easy. Things like these take time," the 30-year-old said.

But he said dog lovers came from all over to help adopt, and some people even travelled all the way from Melaka to see the puppies.

The final straw was when Tina and one of her puppies were caught by some Klang Municipal Council officers and were locked up in the dog pound

Oteh said he begged and cried for their release, but the incident only hastened his efforts to find them owners and homes to go back to.

He thanked God that his prayers at that point were quickly answered.

"Thankfully, we found Tina an owner then," he shared, adding that he still visits her all the time and she is still very manja with him when he goes over.

"I'm so thankful for Tina's new owner. He's a good person, just like Bobby's. They allow me to go over anytime but to just let them know," said the grateful man.

Oteh told SAYS that he hopes his story about Tina will inspire others to keep doing good for all living things, especially those that are vulnerable

"The life of a stray dog is not easy as it seems. They only hope to eat scraps, drink rain water, and sleep wherever their legs bring them," he said.

"But look at Tina now. From a stray to such a beautiful dog that is loved by so many. She is so gorgeous. All because she was given some love and care."

These kind hoomans also went out of their way to help some furry friends:

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