OKU Security Guard In Pahang Uses His Meagre Salary To Feed Stray Cats

We don't deserve you, Abang Bob! :'(

Cover image via EnchikD (Facebook) & @auroramawarrose (Twitter)

Meet Tera Adnan.

He is a person with disabilities (OKU) working as a security guard in Kuantan, Pahang.

Tera recently won thousands of Malaysians' hearts online after it was revealed that he selflessly spends his meagre salary feeding stray cats

His story was first brought to light by EnchikD, a blogger on Facebook.

Following which, Tera's story went viral on Twitter after it was shared by a Media Prima journalist.

According to EnchikD, Tera — or more fondly known as Abang Bob — works as a security guard at his workplace and is an orphan who does not have a house to live in.

"(Tera) now lives in the guardhouse," EnchikD related.

Despite his living condition, Tera does not forget how to be generous

"He loves the cats that always come to my workplace. So, he uses the little money he makes from his job to feed the cats," EnchikD said.

Touched by Tera's selflessness, EnchikD decided to raise funds for him by including his bank details and full name in the caption of the post.

"For anyone interested to donate to Abang Bob these are his details," EnchikD said.

Here are the details:

Account number: 0610041000220703 (Bank Simpanan Nasional)

Full name: Tera Bin Adnan

Address: Kampung Selabuhan, 26080, Kuantan, Pahang

Phone number: +6013-8287379

Shortly after the post was published, netizens started donating money to Tera

In the comment section, a handful of Malaysians shared screenshots of bank transfer receipts to show that they have donated some money to him.

Image via Facebook

One person said, "He is already cute, what's more, he is kind. Wishing you prosperity."

"Pity you. I wish you good health always, Abang Bob," added another.

Meanwhile, some netizens said the way Tera and the cat look at each other in the photo melted their hearts.

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