Man Spends Half His Salary On Food For Stray Cats And Dogs In Penang

"Every day I come and feed these strays, even if I'm sick. If not, I'll feel even sicker from the guilt of knowing they can't eat."

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There are animal lovers, and then there are people like Anfalazie Anuar

In a Facebook post published on 2 May, a netizen shared just how dedicated the man, better known as Ann, is at taking care of stray animals in his area.

"This is a genuine soul," the Facebook user said in his caption.

Anfalazie Anuar.

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The 30-year-old from Butterworth has been feeding stray cats and dogs around Bukit Mertajam, Penang for over 10 years

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The netizen revealed that he would see the man feed stray animals every day on his way to work, rain or shine.

"Not just for a day or two, but years and years," he wrote.

However, Ann's decade-long ritual had cost him.

Ann, who works as a parking attendant and a cleaner, spends more than half his salary on food for the stray cats and dogs

"It took me a few months to properly speak to him as he is quite shy, but he eventually told me that he feeds them twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening - at different locations," the caption read.

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In an exclusive with mStar, Ann said that he earns a monthly salary of RM850 from his cleaning job and RM30 a day from parking cars.

Since it costs him RM50 a day to feed the animals pieces of fish and chicken, Ann spends the RM30 from his second job and RM20 a day from his first job to buy the supplies.

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Despite that, Ann is content and happy to help the strays.

"I don't need fancy meals, I'm happy with rice, fried eggs, and kicap," he said.

"I'm grateful with the blessings that I have. It is enough to be able to breathe, eat, drink, be with my family, and feed the stray cats and dogs," he added.

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"I really love animals. My mother taught me from when I was young to love all animals and to never harm them," the 30-year-old said

"It's not just cats and dogs that I love. There was once a snake came into our house and I didn't have the heart to kill it, so I set it free in the wild," he told mStar.

"Every day I come and feed these strays, even if I'm sick. If not, I'll feel even sicker from the guilt of knowing they can't eat," Ann said.

Thank you for all your work, Ann! We should all be a little more like you.

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