Woman Shares Her Late Dad's Love For A Stray Dog After He Passed Away

"That night when he was making noise for food, he realised that dad was no longer there."

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A netizen's Twitter thread about her late father's relationship with their family's adopted dog has gone viral

Her tweet, which was posted on 17 April, has garnered over 29,000 retweets at the time of writing.

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A day after her father passed away, the woman shared photos of the dog they had been taking care of for several years

"A few years ago, this dog (Johnny) appeared in front of our house," she tweeted.

"At first we were just feeding him because he was so thin, but after a while he just kept sitting outside the house, guarding the house, but never going further than the gate."

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However, one day, the dog walked inside the house's compound.

"It turned out that he was wounded, there was blood all over, and my dad asked the neighbour to help take him to a vet," she wrote.

The netizen said that after the incident, Johnny was the most attached to her father.

"Dad was always the one feeding him, taking care of him like a child, any time we went out to eat he would return with chicken bones for Johnny. If we didn't have enough, he would go as far as asking people on nearby tables for their chicken bones," she explained.

Even when people told him that asking for scraps from others was embarrassing, her father never cared. "All he knew was that Johnny needed to eat," she wrote.

The woman attached screenshots of conversations in which her father talked about getting Johnny bones.

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Johnny was so attached to the woman's father that he would walk him to the mosque for prayers

"My dad had to tell him to go back home, so that the dog wouldn't bother other Muslims at the mosque," she explained.

Whenever he returned home, Johnny would be there waiting for him.

After the man passed away on 16 April, she said that Johnny "sat at the house silently, looking sad"

"That night when he was making noise for food, he realised that dad was no longer there," she wrote.

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"Johnny has eaten already, don't worry dad. Even without you, we will make sure he always has food and water," the netizen tweeted.

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In ending the Twitter thread, she wrote, "Please pray for my father. Thank you if you already have."

Touched by the story, Twitter users expressed their condolences to the woman and praised her father for his generousity

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