Malaysian Journalist Narrowly Escapes Israel Bombing In Gaza Strip

The bombing happened 50 metres away from a hotel the journalist was residing in.

Cover image via Harian Metro

A Malaysian journalist, who is currently in the Gaza Strip, narrowly escaped bombing by the Israeli army yesterday, 5 May

Screenshot of the journalist's footage following the bombing.

Image via Harian Metro

New Straits Times reported that a mortar shell landed 50 metres away from the journalist's hotel at 6.15am local time yesterday (11.15am Malaysian time). 

Tuan Asri Tuan Hussein, a Harian Metro journalist, was in the occupied Palestinian territory as part of the Miles of Smiles mission.

The Israeli bomb caused damage to Tuan Asri's hotel room

View of the journalist's hotel room.

Image via Harian Metro

However, the journalist was unharmed during the bombing. 

Harian Metro reported that within 36 hours before the early morning explosion, eight Palestinians were killed in multiple attacks. 

A 14-month-old baby was reportedly among the deceased.

The bombing yesterday was part of a new exchange between Hamas, the Islamist organisation and the Israeli army

According to New Straits Times, the latest round of attacks began on Friday, 3 May along the border between the two territories.

Anadolu Agency reported that 320 locations in the disputed territory were targeted by the Israeli Army since Saturday, 4 May. In response, 600 rockets were launched towards Israeli settlements.

A Palestinian man holding a deceased baby following bombing in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, 4 May.

Image via Al Jazeera

Hamas, who currently rules the Gaza Strip, had been seeking concessions from Israel under an ongoing ceasefire agreement.

Senior political leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh had said that the group was ready to "return to the state of calm" if the Israeli army stops its attacks and "immediately starts implementing understandings about a dignified life".

Al Jazeera reported that Hamas was "not interested in a new war" just as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered "massive strikes" on the Gaza Strip yesterday. 

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