Singapore Is Considering Installing These "Socially Responsible" Smoking Cabins

The temperature inside the cabin will be regulated.

Cover image via Smoking Cabin SG & u/phunkynerd

Recently, photos of what looked like a cabin for smokers were uploaded on Facebook by page called "Smoking Cabin SG"

According to the aptly named page on Facebook, the cabin below is 50% complete.

Singaporean news site Mothership.SG was the first to report about on 4 May.

In its report, the local website said that the smoking cabin "seeks to solve" the recent problem of "smokers squeezing into smoke within a regulated area."

In a second photo uploaded by the page, which shows a 70% complete cabin, the thing works to filter the second-hand smoke

"The second-hand smoke in the cabin is quickly taken in by this air-cleaning system and effectively filtered away. What comes out is clean filtered air for you and the people outside. To achieve good air quality for everyone, there are 3 layers of filters used," reads a description in the photo that was uploaded on 2 May.

While the cabin looks good, some Redditors expressed concerns about whether it will have a "good way to cool down the people"

Image via Reddit

According to the company, the cabin, which is designed in Denmark, will maintain a temperature between 25 and 27 deg C

On its Instagram page, the company posted an infographic to explain how the cabin will purify the smoke

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Where all that smoke gets trapped in.

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It also showed a demo of how the cabin will suck out the smoke

And it seems the company has already opened a cabin. However, no information about the exact location was given in the post.

What do you think about this smoking cabin? Do you think we in Malaysia should have the same for smokers here?

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