Photo Shows A Perlis Para-Athlete Seeking Alms From The Public

The photos has since gone viral.

Cover image via Ahmadough/Twitter

Earlier this week, a photo showing a para-athlete from Perlis seeking alms from the public was posted on Twitter

The photo was posted by a Twitter user using the @ahmadough handle, with a caption that read, "How did it come to this? Where is the allocation they were promised?"

The tweet has since gone viral, with over 6.7K retweets.

The photo, which was uploaded on 2 May, garnered responses from others, with many of them claiming similar woes

There were also those who tagged the current Minister of Youth and Sports, Syed Saddiq, to look into the matter. To which a user remarked that they should be fair in pointing fingers and mention "the Ministry of Youth and Sports Perlis" who are "mostly UMNO"

"You all keep mentioning Saddiq. Why not mention the Ministry of Youth and Sports Perlis. Perlis Ministers are mostly UMNO, why not mention them all, then only it is fair.

"UMNO ministers don't care, must wait to call the highest position? Those positioned in Perlis are doing what, just watching only maybe."

Nevertheless, the photo was noticed by Syed Saddiq a few hours after it was uploaded. He responded to ask how can he reach out.

"Can you tell how I can contact them?

For the first time, the Ministry of Sports and Youth (KBS) has developed a new scheme for athletes and former athletes worth RM3-RM10 million.

YAKEB, the charitable body for athletes has a budget of RM3 million.

These funds can be delivered through proper channels. Please help."

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