Woman Fined For Abusing Her Pet Dogs Assaulted A Videographer Outside Ayer Keroh Court

The woman, Lai Woan Yong, ran and pushed the man as she was leaving the court.

Cover image via NSTP

Earlier on Friday, a 37-year-old woman was filmed physically assaulting a videographer from Astro Awani outside the Ayer Keroh Court Complex by charging at and pushing the man

Her sudden attack took the videographer by surprise, who nearly dropped his camera.

According to a report in the New Straits Times, the woman, Lai Woan Yong, was furious after being fined RM4,000 for abusing her pet dogs. Her aggressive behaviour towards the videographer caught members of the media by surprise.

Screenshot from the video showing the woman charging at the man.

Image via NSTP

Prior to her stunt outside the court, the 37-year-old was ordered to pay RM4,000 fine by Sessions Court judge Norma Ismail after she pleaded guilty to abusing her two pet dogs on 28 June last year

She was charged with causing hurt and suffering to a male mixed breed dog and a female mixed breed dog in June last year at her house compound in Taman Merdeka.

The case came to light when an officer from Melaka Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) Dr Tuan Ajmal Tuan Kamaluddin and seven other enforcement officers visited the location after they received a complaint of animal abandonment at the woman's house.

During the proceeding, the accused, who is a single mother and owns a furniture business, pleaded for a lenient punishment

Lai Woan told the Sessions Court judge that she was in debts and has to care for her ill father and her 10-year-old daughter all by herself after her husband left her.

Image via NSTP

You can watch the video of her assaulting the videographer here:

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