Johor Sultan Says He Will Return The Land Transferred To Him Only If It Is Used For RTS

According to his private secretary, "the Johor sultan was never informed that the land owned by His Majesty would be involved in the RTS project."

Cover image via Malay Mail

Following reports that a tract of land in Bukit Chagar meant for the Rapid Transit System (RTS) was transferred to Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar during the reign of the Barisan Nasional government, the Sultan said he is upset over the allegation

The monarch, through his private secretary Jaba Mohd Noah, said that he is willing to return the 4.5-hectare land in Bukit Chagar to the Pakatan Harapan Federal government at no cost – on the condition that the land is used only for the delayed RTS.

"His Majesty Sultan Johor has decreed that if indeed his land in Bukit Chagar is part of the RTS project, he is prepared to surrender it to the government free of charge.

"On condition that the RTS project is resumed immediately because His Majesty understands the difficulty faced by the people going to and from Singapore," said a statement issued by the Sultan's private secretary Jama Mohd Noah.

The Sultan said he was not aware that land belonging to him in Bukit Chagar was involved in the proposed Johor Baru RTS

"To date, His Majesty the Johor sultan was never informed that the land owned by His Majesty would be involved in the RTS project," the statement said.

"As has always been stressed, the interests of the rakyat and government will always be His Highness' main priority, and every issue should be discussed until a consensus is reached," Jaba added in the statement today.

The statement, posted on Sultan Ibrahim's official Facebook page on Saturday, 4 May, comes after Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said that the Government will demand the land back from the Sultan

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