Ustaz Says Women Who Do Not Cover Up Deserve To Be Raped Because They're Asking For It

The lecture was part of a marriage course conducted by JAWI.

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A viral video of a religious teacher saying that women who "do not cover up" deserve to be sexually violated has made headlines

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DAP Socialist Youth committee member Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud tweeted the video taken during a marriage course lecture conducted by the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) on 29 April.

Her tweet condemning his lecture has garnered over 1,400 retweets at the time of writing.

"If women covered up, then there wouldn't be men looking at you. But if you show yourself off then obviously we will look at you," the ustaz told his audience of Muslim women.

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In order to "prevent getting unwelcome attention", the religious teacher advised them to cover up their aurat properly, only exposing their hands and face.

"If you wear a jubah but it's tight, or a baju kurung but it's see-through... What do you expect?" he said.

He explained that when women dress "provocatively" by not covering their aurat, they are asking men to "lust over" them

"Lets' put it this way, the women who don't cover up deserve to be sexually abused and raped," he told the audience.

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"This ustaz just endorsed sexual abuse against women for the way she dresses. The fact that he is an educator is everything that is wrong with our constant need of cosmetic moral policing," Dyana Sofya weeted

She argued that his lack of respect for consent, abusive mentality, and superiority complex are what is "dead wrong with our society".

"No one deserves to be raped, even if they are walking around naked in public in broad daylight," she wrote.

"Clothes are not an indication of sexual consent, you barbarians!" she added.

Enraged netizens also criticised the religious teacher for his misguided message that women are to blame for the heinous actions of men

"What about people who wear hijab and cover their whole body but still get raped?" another Twitter user commented.

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