Man In Johor Bahru Jumped Out From 3rd Floor Of A Budget Hotel During A Khalwat Raid

He was suspected to have escaped through the toilet window in the room.

Cover image via Malaysiakini

During the Johor Islamic Religious Department personnel's recent anti-vice operation in Johor Bahru, a man reportedly jumped out from the third floor of a budget hotel to escape from the authorities

The man was suspected to have escaped through the toilet window in the room.

According to JAINJ's Sharia Enforcement Division Chief Assistant Director, Halid Sono, the escaped leaving his partner in the room.

"We suspect that he fled through the toilet window grill that he dismantled before he escaped and left his partner in the room," he said.

During the raid on 30 April, JAINJ personnel detained five men and five women, who were locals and aged between 18 to 43 years

NST Online reported that they were caught in separate raids involving 19 enforcers from 10pm to midnight that took place at five budget hotels around Perling and Danga Bay.

All of them were detained because they were suspected of committing khalwat (close proximity).
Halid Sono.

A total of five couples were nabbed during several raids in Johor Bahru.

Image via NST Online

While it's not clear if the man who escaped was caught, Halid said that they detained couples who claimed that they were married but changed their statement to being engaged once probed further

Among the five couples detained, there was a single mother and a civil servant.

All of them were detained for not more than 24 hours and will be prosecuted according to the Johor's Syariah laws, Halid Sono was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

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