Video Shows Man Failing Breathalyser Test After Eating "Too Many Durians"

The man claimed that he did not drink alcohol and was sober.

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"I did not drink. I've still got the shell of the durian I just ate. You should test my blood," a man who recently failed a traffic police roadside breath test in China was reported as saying by SCMP

According to the report in SCMP, the man, identified only by his surname Jiang, was stopped for a breathalyser test in Nantong, Jiangsu province on 17 April.

The on-the-spot breathalyser test showed that the driver's blood alcohol level was 34mg per 100ml, which was way over the limit of 20mg per 100ml in China.

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Adamant that he didn't drink alcohol, the man challenged the breathalyser result by asking for a blood test. The test later confirmed there was actually no alcohol in the man's system.

After the man kept asking for a blood test, police took him to a hospital to take blood, which was assessed at Nantong police testing centre, reported the BBC.

The result, which was issued on 23 April, showed there was no alcohol in Jiang's blood, vindicating him. His licence was returned and the charge was dropped.

Image via SCMP

Local police then decided to carry out tests themselves to check the legitimacy of the man's claims about the stinky fruit. Surprisingly, their test showed that it can actually yield a false positive result.

In a video report by Pear Video dated 29 April, a police officer is shown being breathalysed after eating a portion of durian. The result confirmed that his alcohol level directly after eating durian was 36mg per 100ml.

However, a couple of minutes later, the officer repeated the breathalyser test and this time the breathalyser showed a negative result.

In the video, police warned against eating the fruit while driving, along with other products that might show a positive result, including certain mouthwash and lychee.

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