This Thai Clinic Offers A "Painless" Solution For People Who Want Instant Six-Pack Abs

90% of patients who undergo the six-pack surgery are reportedly gym enthusiasts.

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A plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand offers a quick fix for people who want six-pack abs but are unable to obtain them

Masterpiece Hospital receives between 20 to 30 inquiries for six-pack surgeries each year, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

The procedure costs THB120,000 (RM14,312).

The two to four-hour six-pack surgery involves sucking out fat around the abdomen area and "etching" abs onto the patient

The procedure is reportedly painless and not dangerous.

However, bandages around the areas where the fats have been removed are usually soaked with blood for some time.

According to Masterpiece Hospital CEO and surgeon Raweewat 'Sae' Maschamadol, six-packs last longer and look more natural this way compared to if silicone is used.

The surgeon revealed that 90% of patients who undergo the six-pack surgery are gym enthusiasts unable to reach their fitness goals

"In order to naturally get a six-pack, one needs to work out as well as get lean. Most of our clients come in with a lot of muscle, they just want to save themselves months of leaning down," Raweewat said.

Thai model and fitness buff Ome Pangpaparn said that he is happy with the results of his surgery.

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Ome wrote in an online review that he felt frustrated for not being able to lose the fat around his abdomen area despite exercising regularly.

"I do what I can. But in the parts I can't, I leave it up to the doctor," he said.

"I am confident that it will bring me more happiness," the model added.

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