Robbers Are Allegedly Using Kindness Of Strangers In Cyberjaya To Prey On Grab Drivers

"Literally the predator ask you to book Grab and select the furthest distance from the place and they only note the car number."

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Grab responds to allegations of robbers in Cyberjaya booking rides from strangers

In a statement to SAYS today, 1 May, Grab Malaysia assured that such incidents have not been reported by its driver-partners.

"We have checked with our driver-partners in the area and with our customer relations team, but [have] not found any reported incident in that area yet," the statement read.

"We do remind everyone who uses Grab to be wary of booking trips for strangers on their account as it could potentially leave them 'open' to abuses like those described, and could also put our driver-partners at risk."

Grab also encouraged its users to visit its website to stay informed of the latest safety tips available.

"Working together like this, we can continue to work towards a safe, reliable transportation solution for every Malaysian," Grab added.

Previously, netizens in Cyberjaya were warning others of an allegedly new modus operandi by robbers which uses the kindness of strangers to prey on Grab drivers

Image via Twitter

"This is true. It happened to me in Dpulze Cyberjaya [three] days ago," the tweet posted on Wednesday, 24 April, read.

"Literally the predator ask you to book [G]rab and select the furthest distance from the place and they only note the car number. Cyberjaya residence (sic), please be aware about this."

A screenshot of an Instagram story, which outlines the steps that robbers will supposedly take, was included in the tweet

According to the Instagram user, the alleged robbers will ask innocent strangers if they have the Grab app. If they answer yes, then they will ask the stranger to help order a Grab for them.

Image via Twitter

"When the Grab arrives, they will rob and then run off," the user wrote.

The user continued by explaining that the risks of this modus operandi is that the innocent stranger who made the Grab booking could be accused of being the robber.

In reply to several concerned netizens, the Twitter user related their own experience with these alleged robbers

"They asked me to book a Grab, with the excuse that their handphone was not compatible," the user said.

"I offered to check if it's true that Grab is not compatible [with their phone], but they insisted on not giving their handphone. Afterwards, I booked the Grab and gave them the driver's details, but they only noted the car number plate and that's it."

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Image via Tech Crunch

Suspecting something amiss, the user eventually cancelled the Grab order.

"They randomly picked a [drop-off] location. They (also) said the pick-up location is where I am, but they pinned it somewhere else instead." 

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