Rawang Man Takes Up Part-Time Job As Road Cleaner So He Can Afford To Feed Stray Cats

He spends RM1,500 a month to buy 3.5kg of cat food a day.

Cover image via Hairul Anuar Rahim/Harian Metro

A man in Rawang, Selangor decided to take up a part-time job as a road cleaner just so he could earn extra money to feed stray cats

Harian Metro reported that 43-year-old Mohamad Azhar Alias, or also known as Azhar Rawang Sejati on Facebook, has been working as a cleaner since last June.

He uses the money he earns to buy food for stray cats around him.

In 2005, Azhar worked as a human resources (HR) executive in an office but he resigned to start his own business

However, the cake business he runs with his wife has not been bringing in enough money so he decided to take up a part-time job as a cleaner.

He told Harian Metro, "The money I earn from the business used to help me buy the needs of my 18 cats at home and extra food for stray cats I find in the streets."

"However, business has been quite slow lately. Therefore, I decided to work as a cleaner with hopes that it'll help me buy more cat food, especially for those left uncared-for around highway rest areas."

He revealed that he spends RM1,500 a month to buy 3.5kg of cat food a day

Image via Harian Metro

He shares on social media that he travels up to 30km to feed cats at different locations.

In one Facebook post, he wrote, "Although I have a fever, I still had to visit this highway rest area to leave some food and water for the cats. This spot is 30km away from my house."

Great job, Azhar!

You, sir, have a heart of gold.

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