This Malay Vet From Klang Treats Stray Dogs Despite Disagreement From His Community

According to Dr Taq, the responsibility of a veterinarian is to treat all animals, including dogs and pigs, without any favouritism.

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Meet Dr Muhamad Taqiyudin Zainal Ulum, a veterinarian who took it into his own hands to rescue and treat stray dogs around his residential area despite disapproval from his neighbours

The 31-year-old who hails from Klang, Selangor told Harian Metro that for him, dogs are just like any other animals that need to be given treatment when sick, as well as love and attention.

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According to Dr Taqiyudin, who goes by Dr Taq, the responsibility of a veterinarian is to treat all animals, including dogs and pigs, without any favouritism

"It is unfortunate that dogs are considered unclean animals, the community has created a negative stigma and maintains a distance from them," he said.

"However, Islam is a simple and beautiful religion, a person can perform sertu (purification) after touching a dog."

"I have no problem doing sertu several times a day after taking care of a dog," said the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) graduate.

Image via Harian Metro

Dr Taq shared that he began helping strays when he found a dog with a broken leg in front of his house in 2015

"I took the animal to my clinic in Klang for treatment. During the recovery process, the dog stayed in a room in my house," he explained.

"However, after recovering from its injuries, the dog refused to leave my home and is under my care to this day."

However, his neighbours have reprimanded him for the noise of the rescued strays barking.

As a result, his father, who is active in the mosque, was also viewed with contempt by the community.

"I am glad that my father has never taken this to heart and has not stopped me from continuing to help and care for dogs," said Dr Taq.

"In fact, my dad also helps feed the dogs who are recovering. Usually, I will let them go after they recover from their injuries."

Image via Harian Metro

Dr Taq said that he will continue to help stray dogs if he happens to come across one on his way to or back from work

"I will take these dogs to the clinic to be given treatment, and if possible, try to tame them," he said.

According to The Malaysian Insight, Dr Taq also carries out a program called 'Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR)' with the youth and community of Kampung Sijangkang in Kuala Langat to reduce the number of strays.

Dr Taq said that he needs the manpower of the community to help him catch the stray dogs or cats, while he tries to neuter as many as he can.

"Neutering has more benefits than the stigma surrounding it, such as people thinking that it is wrong or cruel," he said, "However, if we leave them to reproduce and live in the wild with no care and attention, I think that is more cruel."

Netizens have praised the doctor, many sharing their opinions of the treatment of stray dogs in Malaysia

A Twitter user said "Salute, Dr! A doctor's responsibility is to not show partiality to all of God's creations."

This user said, "Congratulations doctor! The people should be made aware, they should not simply criticise! Well done!"

"Whoever criticised him don't make any sense. If I could own dogs, I would have done it long time ago. They look more adorable than cats," another user said.

Recently, MPSJ's handling of stray dogs became an issue following a viral video:

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