[VIDEO] Woman Cries Foul Over MPSJ Catching Stray Dog That She Feeds Everyday

The commotion escalated when a man, who was trying to stop the MPSJ officers, brought in religious matters.

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This story contains disturbing images and video footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

A video showing Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) officers taking away a stray dog from a lady who always fed it has gone viral

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In the four-minute long video posted yesterday, 3 October, a woman could be heard crying and begging the MPSJ officers not to take the dog away.

Janganlah. Saya punya anjing tak gigit orang. Tolonglah (Stop. My dog does not bite people. Please),” the woman wailed, as the MPSJ officers ignored her pleas.

The video was shared over 5,500 times in less than a day.

The video showed that there were at least seven MPSJ officers at the scene with catch poles in their hands

A few of them were crouching and jabbing their catch poles under a car where the dog was hiding.

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The dog was heard howling helplessly as the officers pulled it out from under the car and manhandled it with a loop tied on its neck.

Meanwhile, a man who was trying to stop the MPSJ officers brought up religious matters amidst the commotion

One of the officers then pinned the man against the car.

An argument ensued between the officers and the man after that, where an officer was heard saying that it was his duty to catch stray dogs in this area.

Asked if it was the man's dog, he said: "Bukan. Saya kesian dia, saya bagi dia makan (No. I sympathise the dog. I feed the dog)."

One of the MPSJ officers was then seen thrusting his catch pole upwards to shove the dog into a van

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The woman's cry behind the camera intensified once she saw how the officer handled the dog.

The dog was seen lying wearily in the caged van as its body spasmed. 

The video has since stirred up a huge conversation among netizens, where some chastised the way the officers handled the dog, while others voiced their support

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"These people don't have a heart. Poor dog. I hope everyone who caught the dog will get the punishment they deserve," a netizen lamented.

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A netizen advised dog lovers to get a pet licence before issues arise.

She wrote, "My opinion is that if you really love your pets, then get them the license they deserved. It's the law, same anywhere, no license they catch. Without license and you pet them is illegal. (sic)"

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Another netizen put in his two cents saying that the MPSJ officers were just doing their job before the man in the video started bringing in religion into the matter.

"The way they handled the dogs were very cruel. But they were just doing their job [and] they only became more aggressive when the other guy started bringing religion in. This has nothing to do with religion they were just doing their job," the Facebook user commented.

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You can watch the full video here:

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