Fireman Tells Court That Wife Of Murdered Cradle CEO Showed No Emotion On The Day Of Fire

She is the first accused in the murder case of Nazrin Hassan.

Cover image via Yusof Mat Isa/Malay Mail

On Wednesday, 2 October, a fireman who testified at Cradle Fund CEO's murder trial told the Shah Alam High Court that Nazrin's wife, who is charged with his murder, did not exhibit any signs of grief when he and his team arrived at the scene of the tragedy last year

According to New Straits Times, fireman Mohamad Afzan Majid was part of a team of six responders from the Damansara Fire and Rescue station who had arrived at Samirah Muzaffar's home in Mutiara Damansara on the afternoon of 14 June 2018.

During the hearing, Fireman Mohamad Afzan testified that Samirah waved at him and his team from the main door of her two-storey semi-detached house.

"I and two other colleagues approached Samirah, who said she was the homeowner and wife of the victim. She told us there was a fire at a room on the upper level of the house," the 50-year-old fireman told the court.

"At that point, I noticed that she was calm, she did not show any signs of anguish. Her expression was one I had never seen before."

Fireman Mohamad Afzan Majid at the Shah Alam High Court on 2 October.

Image via Yusof Mat Isa/Malay Mail

The fireman claimed that throughout his 22-year career during which he has extinguished over 500 fires, it was the first time he came across a homeowner who had a casual reaction to tragedy

"Throughout my experience in putting out fires, the homeowner will immediately leave the premises and wait for us outside. Usually, homeowners will cry and wail with grief when it involves a victim that was burnt to death," he told the court.

This has never happened before. I have never seen this kind of casual reaction.
Mohamad Afzan.

He noted that while Samirah attempted to storm into the room while the fire was raging at one point, but he stopped her because it was dangerous.

"I had to take her downstairs as she was not only disrupting our work, but it was also hazardous. As we were making our way downstairs, she asked to go into the room, but I stopped her," he said, as reported by New Straits Times.

According to him, Samirah begged his team to let her into the room once the fire was put out so she could see her husband's corpse

"When we entered the room, I saw the charred remains of a man clad in underwear.

"The woman kneeled beside her husband and only kept quiet," he said, adding that Samirah spent about five minutes beside her husband's charred remains.

Image via NSTP

During questioning, Mohamad Afzan, however, acknowledged the fact that there was a possibility that he may not have really noticed Samirah's expression as he was too focused on the task at hand

"One thing for sure, she did not care about her safety even though it was dangerous and insisted to go in the room to see her husband?" defence counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah asked, to which Mohamad Afzan replied "Yes".

Samirah and her two sons, aged 17 and 14, were charged, along with an Indonesian citizen with Nazrin's murder in March this year:

The Cradle CEO's death was reclassified as murder in August last year following a forensic investigation report:

You can follow up on the tragic case here:

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